Qld plan must give feedlots better access to groundwater: ALFA

By James Nason, 22 May 2017
The Australian Lot Feeders Association, the peak Industry council representing Australian lot feeders, says access to safe, reliable and sufficient groundwater is crucial for future investment in the Queensland feedlot sector.

Qld plan must give feedlots better access to groundwater: ALFA

Gas-impacted groundwater plan set to stifle future feedlot growth

By James Nason, 22 May 2017
As a premier grain and cattle growing region with access to groundwater from the Great Artesian basin below, it is easy to see how an area of inland Queensland has developed to become the epicentre of Australia’s lot feeding industry. However, it is hard to see how the economically important industry can expand much […]

Directional drilling

Directional Drilling

Shine Lawyers Dalby discussed directional drilling at the BSA AGM on 13 October 2015.

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The changing face of CSG negotiation

Shine Lawyers Dalby discussed the changing face of CSG negotiation at the BSA AGM on 13 October 2015.

Concerns about granting of Statutory rights to miners

Proposed changes to legislation in Queensland could see mining and resource companies with an unlimited right to take water without a water license, and landholders with no right to appeal this water-take.

Health impacts of Coal Seam Gas

BSA is concerned that there has not been enough research into, or genuine understanding of, the health risks surrounding CSG development. BSA urges the coal seam gas industry and Government to take heed of the following statements made by the AMA.

The concern about royalties

This letter to the editor by BSA Committee Member Lee McNicholl summaries the views of BSA on government royalties.

Flawed environmental approval process for CSG

BSA has been publicly stating its concerns about the lack of environmental scrutiny that has been given to the development of CSG industry in Queensland for years.

Risks to bores and problems with “make good”

There are genuine risks posed to water bores from CSG activities. Essentially they are quantity risks which are due to drops in water levels of a bore due to direct removal or movement between aquifers and quality risks which…

Landholders need to be aware of the impacts

Landholders approached by CSG companies need to be aware critical importance of seeking independent legal advice on all aspects of CSG development on your land as any Conduct and Compensation Agreement you enter into with a CSG company…