Proposed outrageous DNRM amendments to the Mineral & Resources Common Provision Act guts landholders rights once again. To fight back attend our AGM on Oct 13 in Chinchilla

Dear Editor –

Changing just two words in the Mineral and Resources Common Provisions Act, as is proposed in the amendment Bill currently before Parliament, would rob many land owners or occupiers of their right to compensation, especially in the coal seam gas areas.

Compensatable effects are currently those from resource activities occurring within the tenement and relating to the claimant’s […]

The Basin Sustainability Alliance’s AGM scheduled for Oct 13 from 2-5PM at the Chinchilla RSL has an impressive list of speakers

The Basin Sustainability Alliance’s AGM scheduled for Oct 13 from 2-5PM at the Chinchilla RSL has an impressive list of speakers that can shed light on a vital consideration for landholders ;

Can the 2017 Great Artesian Basin and Other Related Aquifers {GABORA} Plan ensure sustainability while the mining sector has unlimited water take?

The new plan came into effect on […]

APPEA Boss does not provide “moments that thrill” for landholders concerned about the sustainable future use of the GAB.

Letter to Editor re Rhys Turner:

The Australian Petroleum Production and Production Assoc.’s Rhys Turner’s attack on those diabolical green activists {QCL Aug 24} is long on industry rhetoric but very short on a truthful analysis of the unsustainable legacy that the “unconventional “ and coal seam gas industries are leaving on the aquifers of the Great Artesian Basin {GAB}.

Mr. […]

Supreme Court backs farmers again in New Acland freeze refusal

The BSA endorses the Land Court’s landmark heroic decision and calls upon the State Govt. to do likewise and support the legal principle of “inter-generational equity “ thereby ensuring continuous sustainable agriculture rather than destructive short term coal mining.” BSA Chairman Lee McNicholl

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Qld plan must give feedlots better access to groundwater: ALFA

By James Nason, 22 May 2017
The Australian Lot Feeders Association, the peak Industry council representing Australian lot feeders, says access to safe, reliable and sufficient groundwater is crucial for future investment in the Queensland feedlot sector.

Qld plan must give feedlots better access to groundwater: ALFA

Gas-impacted groundwater plan set to stifle future feedlot growth

By James Nason, 22 May 2017
As a premier grain and cattle growing region with access to groundwater from the Great Artesian basin below, it is easy to see how an area of inland Queensland has developed to become the epicentre of Australia’s lot feeding industry. However, it is hard to see how the economically important industry can expand much […]

Macfarlane Ver. 2017 – What’s changed? A bigger salary package at Queensland Resources Council?

Why CSG is Choking Agriculture in the Surat Basin. To read the document download it here:

BSA’s Letterheaded – CSG is Choking Agriculture – PDF

Flashback to Macfarlane Ver. 2013

“If it can’t be touched without damaging the aquifers, then it shouldn’t be”??

Here is where he said this:

Qld Government uses “fake news” to farmer bash over tree clearing

Tree Clearing Facts and State Government Spin are Miles Apart.

Queensland Environment and Heritage Minister Dr.Steven Miles has continued to reduce the quality of the scientific debate around the extent and environmental consequences of current tree clearing rates with his latest misleading comments in Townsville,  said Basin Sustainability Alliance chairman Lee McNicholl.

Dr.Miles habitually uses every opportunity to blame agricultural run […]

BSA supports Galilee Basin landholders in their water fight with coal miners

BSA’s Letter to the Editor – Qld Country Life.

The Basin Sustainability Alliance {BSA} commends Bruce Currie’s Ed Op piece (QCL 6 Oct) and supports the basic principles he is fighting for. For too long – Galilee Basin landholders have lived with the debilitating uncertainty of the potential impacts of proposed coal mines on their stock & domestic water supplies. […]