Labor’s water bills don’t go far enough

BSA Chair Lee McNicholl’s Letter to the Editor in the Queensland Country Life

Calls for GasFields Commission to be scrapped

BSA Chair Lee McNicholl’s Letter to the Editor in the Queensland Country Life

Letter from George Houen regarding EPOLA submissions

Letter from George Houen regarding the EPOLA submissions

Groundwater in the news

Read George Houen’s Letter to the Editor regarding the Governments mine dewatering amendments here>

Tree Clearing Facts & Govt Spin are Miles Apart

Tree Clearing Facts and State Government Spin are Miles Apart

Is the “triple bottom line” cost of the CSG-LNG industry too great to bear?

The Basin Sustainability Alliance (BSA) is calling for answers from the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) when industry bodies converge to Brisbane for the annual APPEA conference this week.

BSA Chairman Lee McNicholl believes it is timely to ask these important question once again.

“There are still so many questions and issues unanswered and no doubt the conference will […]

“The Truth Walks Slowly” as Government Royalties Run Out

BSA Chairman Lee McNicholl has repeatedly questioned why the total petroleum and gas royalties paid to the Queensland Government will tank to $33M in 2015-16, down from a high of $61M in 2008-09.

If the recent court action by major CSG proponent Origin’s APLNG challenging the Queensland Governments right to extract royalties was not galling enough, further allegations that royalty […]

UWIR Consultation Sessions a Learning Experience for All

The Basin Sustainability Alliance (BSA) estimates that 500 plus interested stakeholders attended the nine information sessions held recently across the Surat Cumulative Management Area (SCMA) by the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA) to explain and seek feedback on their recently released Underground Water Impact Report 2016 (UWIR).

BSA Chairman Lee McNicholl says this excellent turnout clearly underscores the ongoing […]

Have your say…

The Queensland Government has appointed an independent reviewer to undertake a review of the Qld GasFields Commission.  The GasFields Commission is an independent statutory body established to manage and improve sustainable coexistence between rural landholders, regional communities and the onshore gas industry. The commission was formally established in July 2013, at a time of rapid development of the coal […]

Can the 2016 UWIR predict CSG impact to 2065?

BSA is relieved that the much anticipated consultation draft of the 2016 Underground Water Impact Report (UWIR) was finally released on March 22 by the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA).

BSA Chairman Lee McNicholl said the report attempts to predict the impact of the coal seam gas (CSG) industry on ground water reserves of all users across the Surat Basin […]