The changing face of CSG negotiation

Shine Lawyers Dalby discussed the changing face of CSG negotiation at the BSA AGM on 13 October 2015.

Landholders need to be aware of the impacts

Landholders approached by CSG companies need to be aware critical importance of seeking independent legal advice on all aspects of CSG development on your land as any Conduct and Compensation Agreement you enter into with a CSG company…

BSA dismayed by destruction of landholder rights in new law

The Queensland Government’s decision to ignore landholders’ concerns and pass a law that takes away the right for landholders and community groups to object to resource developments has left rural Queenslanders feeling abandoned, according to the BSA.

Bullying and the 10 day land court squeeze

BSA has concerns about the land access process and the way that some CSG companies use the threat of land court to add pressure during negotiations.

CSG should be ‘no go’ if farmers say ‘no’

The long-awaited QGC Kenya water treatment plant, which officially opened on Wednesday, is not the saviour to agricultural and community water security that the government and industry are claiming it to be, according to BSA.