Destroying our quiet way of life

You have chosen a rural lifestyle.  A home in the country where the you have privacy and peacefulness.  The farm life where your children ride are free to ride their motorbikes or horses around the farm, you can do the “nudey run” to the clothesline, the only people coming up your driveway are your invited guests.

With CSG activity that changes for ever. CSG workers will require entry to your property.  You will spend considerable time managing their access. Checking their weed wash down procedures. Your quiet life is disrupted by strange four wheel drives entering the property.  You are torn between wanting them to report to your house so you actually know who is on your property and wanting them to just drive by because you don’t want your idyllic farm homestead to turned into a CSG site office.

Flaring CSG wells are like having the lights of a football stadium in your back yard.  BSA has credible reports of being able to see flaring wells from in Dalby town – over 30 km away.  There are some people who have reported the noise of operational wells and flaring as like having a jumbo jet land near your home.

Of course, if the noise levels exceed EPA guidelines (which they do) you can report this.  But reporting breaches in exceeded noise limits (and other environmental concerns), dealing with government departments, resources companies, denials, legal discussions and paperwork is not how you envisaged your life in the country.

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