Millions of tonnes of salt with nowhere to go

Extracted associated CSG water contains high concentrations of salt with reports of up to 200,000 tonnes of salt extracted annually as part of the dewatering process. In the past this salty water has been stored in evaporation dams – causing major concerns about the impact on soil salinity and seepage into shallow aquifers. Thanks to groups like BSA fighting for better management of this salty water/brine, evaporation ponds are now required to be lined to avoided seepage.  Unfortunately despite the fact that this industry is steaming ahead and brine is lying around in dams, the CSG companies (as at March 2014) are still saying they do not have a solution for the salt.  We must avoid this salt ending up in land fill.   BSA continues to actively lobby for a better solution for salt management.

Read here our correspondence to Minister Powell on this issue>