BSA Letters & Submissions

April 2016 Submission on the 2016 Underground Water Impact Report (UWIR) for the Surat CMA>
November 2015 Submission to the DNR&M Review of the GAB Water Resource Plan>
October 2014 Submission on the Water Reform and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014>
October 2014 Appearance at Agriculture, Resources and Environment Committee on the Water Reform Bill>
August 2014 Regional Planning Interests Bill Regulation 2014 Submission>
July 2014 Submission for the Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Bill 2014>
April-July 2014 Correspondence with Govt on lack environmental oversight>
January 2014 Submission on the Regional Planning Interests Bill 2013>
September 2013 Darling Downs Regional Plan Feedback Submission>
September 2013 Submission on Review of the Strategic Cropping Land Framework Discussion Paper>
March 2013 Productivity Commission Inquiry into Non-Financial Barriers to Mineral and Energy Resource Exploration>
December 2012 Property Rights Australia Submission to Revised CSG Water Management Policy>
August 2012 Submission in Response to Report of the Land Access Review Panel, Feb 2012>
June 2012 Submission on Arrow Energy Surat Gas Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)>
June 2012 Submission for Draft Underground Water Impact Report for the Surat Cumulative Management Area>
May 2012 Submission Input into Gasfields Commission Charter>
April 2012 Submission on the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Independent Expert Scientific Committee on Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mining Project) Bill 2012>
December 2011 Land Access Review Submission>
October 2011 Submission to the Amendment for Environmental Authority for ATP676>
July 2011 Anne Bridle Submission into the Management of the Murray Darling Basin from the perspective of Coal Seam Gas Extraction>
June 2011 Submission to the Senate Stadning Committee on Rural Affairs and Transport Inquiry Management of the Murray Darling Basin – Impacts of Coal Seam Gas>