Research Reports & Findings

March 2016 Potential effects of free gas on bore water supply from CSG development. View the final report here> CSG Compliance Unit – Department of Natural Resources and Mines
October 2015 Unconventional natural gas development and human health: thoughts from the United States. View the summary here> Madelon Finkel, PhD, Professor of Healthcare Policy and Research, Director Office of Global Health Education, Course Director Dept. of Healthcare Policy and Research, Population Sciences Leader, Area of Concentration Curriculum, Weill Cornell Medical College
August 2014 Noble gases identify the mechanisms of fugitive gas contamination in drinking-water wells overlying the Marcellus and Barnett Shales. View the report here> From proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
April 2014 Environmental regulation of the resources and waste industries. View the report here> Queensland Audit Office
Sept 2013 Preliminary Field Measurements of Fugitive Methane Emissions from Coal Seam Gas Production in Australia (presented at 2013 International Conference on Coal Science and Technology, Pennsylvania) View report here> CSIRO
July 2012 Surat underground water impact report, View report here> DERM
August 2010 Groundwater connection between the Walloon Coal Measures and the Alluvium of the Condamine River, View report here> John R Hillier
December 2009 The impacts of mining in the Murray Darling Basin, View report here> Environment, Communications, and the Arts References Committee