Qld landholders deserve better than Cripps’ smears

Qld landholders deserve better than Cripps’ smears

Make good on water bores an obligation

Statutory ‘make good’ obligations have been extended to water bore owners affected by mineral resources projects, similar to those that presently apply to the petroleum and gas sector.

Laws strip rural rights

Landholders have been hit hard after the Queensland Government passed a law that will take away their rights to object to resource developments.

Farmer urges landholders to object to State Govt bill

Macalister farmer David Hamilton is speaking out against a new State Government bill he calls “unfair and unreasonable”.

Worry spills from wells of prosperity

Cattle farmer Katie Lloyd is worried. The mother of two young boys has 21 gas wells on her Chinchilla district property and this one has leaked since it was installed about six years ago.

Farmers fear gas plants will blight land

When Scott and Kate Lloyd took over the family property in Chinchilla in 2009, it coincided with the “nightmare” growth of exploration and development of coal seam gas in the region.

Why Qlders need to review Resource Act changes by June 30

Landholders should review, consider and make appropriate submissions to the Agriculture, Resources and Environment Committee by 30 June 2014 and otherwise voice their concerns on the Bill by that date. If they do not we fear the consequences now and in the land term for many could be dire.

Water drilling: the facts

Letter to the Editor by Ian Hansen: With regard to the asbestos being found in drilling, I find it very disappointing and irresponsible that Mayor Ray Brown finds a need to place the water drilling industry under the same umbrella as the CSG drilling industry…

Key to co-existence is understanding

The first step to co-existence for mining and agriculture is establishing a respectful relationship between the two parties.

Driller defends water bores in asbestos row

Asbestos contaminated additives have no place in bore water drilling according to one local driller, Ian Hansen.