Contamination alarm in Western Downs

CONCERNED landholders say resources industry workers taking a careless approach to vehicle wash-down procedures could have disastrous financial implications for agriculture on the Western Downs.

Farmers stand ground against gas claims

On the plains west of Dalby on Queensland’s Darling Downs, fortunes have been made by farmers who have embraced the Sunshine State’s spreading gas boom.

Contact is key to problems

Landholders concerned about coal seam gas development were told to keep in close contact with the CSG Compliance Unit and DEHP to ensure their voice continues to be heard, at the BSA meeting in Dalby on Wednesday afternoon.

Poor form

The BSA is offended by Rick Wilkinson’s attack on Shine Lawyers’ free information sessions (Herald, May 5).

BSA figure defends his role in committee

BSA chairman and Darling Downs farmer David Hamilton is known for his role representing the interests of landholders in the coal seam gas debate.

‘Occupiers’ redefined in laws

The State Government has bowed to public pressure and amended the definition of the term ‘occupier’ to provide more clarity over who can claim damages for compensatable effects of mining and gas activity on private land.

Arrow comes under scrutiny

Arrow Energy has come under fire after the Federal Government scientific panel raised concerns over its Surat Gas Project in the Surat Basin.

Alliance keeping watch

Primary producers on the Darling Downs remain unsure whether gas leaks ubbling up through the Condamine River are not due to nearby coal seam gas operations.