CSG Well Footprint Calculator

This CSG Well calculator has been developed to provide landholders with better understanding of how gasfield developments may impact on their properties. It is an indicative guide designed to empower landholders and encourage them to be proactive in developing property plans to protect their surface rights.


*Calculator will use default average road width of 6m - optional to enter another value (whole numbers only) if known.

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Disclaimer: This calculator provides an indicative guide ONLY as to how a conceptual gas field development plan* may apply to a property based on information available at the time of its creation. Obviously the CSG well and roadway footprint could vary depending on the shape and layout of the property. This calculator does not take into account the CSG company utilising existing roadways which may be possible, nor the practise of placing multiple wells within the one well pad. Whilst a conservative estimate has been made of the road area, the calculator does not take into account the frequency of use of the roadways nor the size and weight of the vehicles accessing the roadways.

*The conceptual gasfield development plan is based on a company’s average and minimum gas well spacings as they have proposed in their Environmental Management Plans. For the major CSG companies operating in Queensland, these variables have been accessed from the CSG Company’s Environmental Management Plans as at February 2011.