Submission for the Mineral and Energy Resources Bill 2014

BSA has recently submitted our reccommendations on the Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Bill 2014.

As an overall statement BSA embraces the overall aim of the legislation. We like this concept and we are pleased that the serious environmental problems associated with abandoned exploration wells has been recognised.

However, the proposed amendments concern us greatly as they seek to substantially alter long held principles and rights of landholders in Queensland with virtually no benefits flowing back to them. The Government has made and continues to make promises that the idea of the reforms is to harmonise the various pieces of legislation and that no landholders will be worse off unless they agree to be, but the proposals almost entirely make landholders worse off. In fact, the proposed Bill contains many clauses that either create uncertainty or blatantly diminish the rights of land holders and affected individuals.

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For further information please contact our Chairman, David Hamilton on 0429 466 351.