The Basin Sustainability Alliance’s AGM scheduled for Oct 13 from 2-5PM at the Chinchilla RSL has an impressive list of speakers that can shed light on a vital consideration for landholders ;

Can the 2017 Great Artesian Basin and Other Related Aquifers {GABORA} Plan ensure sustainability while the mining sector has unlimited water take?

The new plan came into effect on Sept. 2 and has particular relevance to the Surat Basin where the CSG industry alone takes 65,000 Megs/year on an “unlimited “ basis. Consequently the BSA is delighted to have Saji Joseph , Director Strategic Water Programs from DNRM speaking on “ The GABORA Plan 2017- Management Arrangements for the Surat Basin”

Following, CSIRO’s Dr Huth will discuss his work within the GISERA Agricultural Land Management portfolio including spatial analysis of the CSG footprint, soil erosion and compaction, impacts on crop yield and machinery operations, and current work in grazing systems

Then after a “leg stretch” Wambo Feedlot proprietor and very experienced environmental engineer Max Winders will deliver an update on his ground-breaking local hydrological model for assessing the real impact of the local CSG industry and other major water extractors on his feedlot bores.

To finish up , Ms. Ruth Wade the Gas Field Commission Chair will discuss the new vision and role for the reformed GFC.

The BSA cordially invites anyone from the Surat Basin community who has an interest in the sustainable use of our region’s most precious resource namely our underground water, to attend and reflect on the long term impact of ever increasing competition for our diminishing water reserves.

Download the Invitation here – PDF